Wednesday, April 8, 2009

About The Gourmette

Maxine Parrish here. Welcome to my blog!

I'm wild about food. I'm also wild about my husband Collin and our son Isaac. Once upon a time I taught lots of children at a school in Los Angeles, California. Now I spend my days (and nights) teaching my one toddler in Wellington, New Zealand. I like to spend my free time planning, obsessing over, and creating meals and goodies. This is an outlet for those obsessive moments, as well as motivation to keep cooking. As free time is always scarce with a young child at home, my food tends to be quick and simple, with an emphasis on fresh ingredients - anything that can be prepared while your toddler uses your legs as a maypole.

Why The Gourmette? I think it's quite fitting. In French, the suffix -ette is used to denote a smaller version of the main word. While I do have a love of all things fine and yummy, I definitely wouldn't profess myself to be a full gourmet - yet. Hence, the more modest descriptor. I also think it's funny when people mispronounce gourmet. So there you go.

All pictures are taken by me on a Canon 450D, unless otherwise noted. I'll be flattered if you want to use any of my images, but please email first for permission (hi res copies available for most images).
You can contact me at: thegourmette [at] gmail [dot] com

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